About Me

Hello Everyone! My name is Heather.

I help pre or post partum(doesn’t matter if it’s 5 weeks or 20 years) busy moms in creating a rewarding fitness journey that has it all! All classes of various lengths, all in one space. I also want to be able to help women to feel better in their own bodies physically, mentally and spiritually.


A little about myself…. I am a busy mom of two girls that are 8 years apart. Talk about conflicting schedules! With my first daughter it was just the two of us. I worked and took care of her around the clock. I taught dance. I am a classically trained dance with a BFA concentration dance. I was super mom! I took everyone else’s kids, helped with girl scouts, coached softball, room mother, etc. I forgot about myself.

Fast forward, I got married and had another child. Again trying to be super mom only this time I ran into post partum depression. My marriage fell apart and I was in a dark place that I never want to go back to. I had complications after the C-Section as well which made things worse.

I finally got some help and I took a job at the front desk of a gym. I had been doing some yoga and was able to take class there. One day, the teacher was stuck in traffic and wasn’t going to make it so I was pulled off the desk to go teach the class. I was terrified but so began my journey on getting well and back in balance.

I went on to become certified to teach yoga. In the meantime I was filling in for a lot of the other group exercise classes. Thanks to a great boss who pushed my and my sister who wouldn’t take no for an answer (she worked there too!) I went on to certify for group exercise and eventually as a personal trainer. I certified for TRX. I already had Barre and Pilates from college. I became a POUND Pro. I started teaching cardio boxing.

I took as many courses as I could find on the woman’s body and how to help it best. I teach women how to take care of their bodies. I don’t ever want them to feel as I did. That’s why I do what I do!

I have found that a balance of all of these things has been such a blessing in my life as well as a stress release. If I’m having a rough day…..maybe I’ll do some boxing or POUND. If I need to center….Pilates and Yoga. Need it upbeat or need my butt kicked….TRX, Bootcamp and Barre. Then I add on some meditation. Even if its just 3 minutes of feeling my body and breathing into it at the end of a class.

I help others be able to do the same! I love when a student “gets it” for the first time and that light goes on in their brain. They’ve found the muscle they couldn’t find or had such a great class that they feel better! Those are the things I love about my job! I love helping others feel good about themselves!