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I’d also love for you to click below to read an article I was blessed to contribute to by macymichelle on How to Achieve Health Goals…..You can click below to read the article!

Being featured as one of 26 in this article was an honor! Thank you for opportunity to talk to people about “How often should one work out”. You can read that article here! 👇

12 Week Mama’s Back Training

I have a 12 week program to help you lose up to 25 lbs, Gain Confidence, Strength and Balance in your Mind, Body and Spirit without guilt! In order to do this you need 3 things! Harness those emotions!!! I teach women how to harness their emotions and use them to their advantage no matterContinue reading “12 Week Mama’s Back Training”

5 Day Mindful Eating Reset

SUMMER’S COMING!!! How are you feeling? Are you ready for it? If you’re feeling a little bloated, you’ve put on weight during this pandemic AND……. Not sure you really want to be seen in a bathing suit I HEAR YOU!!! Now it’s time to reset that mind and body! Try my 5 Day Mindful EatingContinue reading “5 Day Mindful Eating Reset”

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