Class Schedules and Descriptions

Live Classes– Held in a Private Facebook Group Every Morning Monday-Saturday

Classes are Also Available on for more personalized instruction.

Monday– 8:30 am Pilates 1 hour

Tuesday– 8:30am – Muscle Conditioning 1/2 hour

9:15 am – Yoga 45 minutes

Wednesday– 8:30 am – Barre 1/2 hour

9:15am Ladies muscle (no floor work)

Thursday– 8:30 am- Cardio Boxing and Balance 30 Minutes

Friday– 8:30am – Bootcamp 30 Minutes

9:30am – Pilates 1 hour

Saturday – 8:30 – Barre 30 minutes

9:15 – Yoga 45 minutes

Class descriptions-

Barre– A combination of ballet barre moves that will help tone and sculpt the body. Using these classical exercises will add length and strength to your muscles. Barre is especially good for women as it focuses on the core muscles from the neck to the knees. This will tighten and sculpt those baby-be-gone areas!

Pilates Mat– Using the exercises in the original mat series and the 8 principles of Pilates to help gain length, flexibility and strength in the muscles. It increases body awareness. This improves posture and is a great way to ward off injuries as it focuses a lot on the alignment of the body. Especially helpful to women pre or post partum. This focuses on those internal abdominal muscles that are helpful during pregnancy and after pregnancy need to come back quickly.

Bootcamp– A combination of weights, resistance, body weight training and cardio intervals to give you a full body workout. Cardio breaks laid in between Supersets of weight and resistance training will provide a maximum burn to the fire!

Yoga– You will find mostly Vinyasa yoga flow to increase body awareness through the breathwork. We will really focus on the mind body universe connection, Helping to strengthen and lengthen muscles while providing an inward turn for the mind to connect to your truth. Yin Yoga will help release the facia surrounding the muscles and works along the body’s meridians to help restore the systems and glands in the body. Yin Classes are usually held on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. They will show up on the events page.

TRX– Using the suspension trainer and your own bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. (Private Class or Group Class available on request)

Cardio Boxing– This class is a combination of upper body cardio boxing moves and cater Barre/Balance work. Add in a little fun dancing and this is a high energy cardio workout guaranteed to make you sweat and laugh!

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